JUST IN: Ruggedman attacked and severely beaten by 4 guys in London

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Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman was recently attacked in london

Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman was just recently attacked by 4 guys in a restaurant located in London named the 805 restaurant

Looking at the video, it could be noticed that he was severely beaten as he was outnumbered by the guys and in the video, a guy could be seen lifting up a chair and hitting Ruggedman


His shirt was also torn as he tried to run for his life because from the look of things, the attacked were really angered

According to reports, it was gathered that the reason for the attack was because of Ruggedman had a say in the naira Marley case before he (Marley) was arrested

The rapper took to his Instagram page to post the video in the early hours of Saturday June 15, calling out the police for immediate action and standing by his right, because he feels the attackers are mislead youths

He also stated that he was fighting for the youth and would continue doing so, see video

Actually many have also blamed the rapper for arrest of naira Marley but the latter has been released of recent

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