American rapper, blueface finally explain why he recently kicked his mom and sister out of his house

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American rapper, blueface was recently in the news for kicking out his own mom and sister out of his house for some unknown reasons

Many reacted to the video of him kicking them out especially his fans who flooded his page and cursed him out for such terrible act

Well, the rapper has now reacted and responded to the insults from his fans by posting of video of the main reason why he kicked them out of his house


According to the “Thotiana” crooner, he kicked them out simply because of his sister. He posted a security footage of his sister shouting and throwing stuffs

Explaining that his mom also kicked her out also before he took her in and he also got her an apartment of her own but she wasn’t satisfied as she kept asking for a car, she actually wanted his own car and he got frustrated and kicked her out

He posted a video on his IG page, calling his fans fake for taking sides so quickly without asking for an explanation

Stating the main reason why he is in the rap game, mainly for the money

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